No later than within seven days from the date of submission of the application should Statistical Office must deliver a certificate confirming registration of businesses along with the number TAX. The procedure for free escort

How to get entry and regon we’ll get to go to the bank to open an account because any cash transactions will not take place immediately however through a bank account.
In accordance with Art. 22 of the Act of 2 July 2004 on freedom of economic activity to make or accepting payments related to the economic activity conducted through the bank account of the entrepreneur in all case, where :
party to a transaction with which can be and
value of a single transaction, regardless of the number resulting from the payment exceeds 15 000 euros converted into PLN at the average exchange rate announced by the by the Polish National Bank of the month preceding the month in which the which the transaction was executed.

An entrepreneur who is a member of the cooperative savings and credit can obligation through an account at this cooperative savings and credit. To undertake a bank account a and also the Law on social insurance system.
The provision of Art. 61 of the Act of August 29, 1997, the Tax Code (Journal of Laws No. 137, item. 926) says that that the payment of taxes by taxpayers doing business and obliged to keep accounting book or and also expenditure occurs in the form of the transfer order. Arrest both to deposit the amount of taxes levied via payers, if payers comply with the above. terms.
Recipe this does not apply:
to pay taxes not related to the business activity
when payment of tax in accordance with the provisions of law, tax law, can be made in securities, registered excise duty stamps or official blankietami promissory note
to collect taxes by or collectors.

In accordance with Art. 47 paragraph. 4b of the Act of October 13, 1998, the Social Security System (Journal of Laws No. 137, item. 887) contribution payer is can pay your outstanding contributions to:
social security
health insurance
Labour Fund and Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund
in the form of non-cash by charging the payer’s bank account.
Cash pay manage only taxpayers – individuals, if does not run non-agricultural activities in the understanding of the business or other rules extraordinary .
For a bank account will be needed the following documents:
certificate of registration in the register of economic activities
Company ID’s certificate
Certificate of Tax

The next should to go to the IRS to report the business and VAT registration application. From 1 January 2004, taxpayers starting a business can fail to lodge the Tax Identification simultaneously with the application for entry in the register of economic activities (individuals, which have already TAX – submit the notification update) In case when we made a request to the IRS through the municipal office – after completing the formalities at the bank and obtaining the account number and the statistical office of the certificate number TAX should submitted to the tax office update notification specifying in particular the list of bank accounts and with certified or officially certified copy of the certificate of identification number ID. Applications be a done directly in the relevant tax office.
Individuals alone self-employed comprise identification application NIP-1. When you start a business private the individual tax identification number is both a VAT-ID number.
The tax office have choose the form of settlements with tax authorities. The choices are:
Tax Card
T lump-sum tax on registered income
Tax revenue as well as expenditures
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